Welcome to the Birdverse!

The Birdverse is R.B. Lemberg’s fantasy world, named after its Bird deity. It is a complex, culturally diverse world with many LGBTQIA+ characters and different family configurations. Works set in the Birdverse have been nominated for the Nebula award, longlisted for the Hugo award and the Otherwise award,  placed in the Rhysling award, and more. There is a short fiction and poetry guide available here.

In the Birdverse, a magic loosely based in geometry is a source of craftsmanship, art, protection, and healing. Multiple cultures and countries engage in trade relationships and political alliances. Cultures make use of magic according to their own traditions and rules, and worship the deity Bird, in whichever feathered form Bird takes. And within these countries and cultures, individuals hurt and are hurt, heal and are healed. (Bookslut)

The Four Profound Weaves on a rainbow-colored tree stump!

The first Birdverse book in print is The Four Profound Weaves, published in September 2020 by Tachyon Publications. It is available as a paperback and an ebook from Tachyon, Amazon, Bookshop.org, The Raven Bookstore (signed paperback copies), The Portal Bookshop (the UK), and other fine retailers.

Pages on this website include a blog with the latest news and appearances, the guide to published Birdverse stories and poems, and a FAQ. Future pages may or may not include the Common Guide to Deepnames (and other worldbuilding tidbits)!